Structures of importance and historic areas would be the subjects for this category. Work would consist mainly of weatherproofing and preserving the structure or area in a safe, presentable state with only minimal and essential work.

Walls of Limerick at St. John’s Hospital: Cleaned the wall, and repaired the defective areas.
Verdant Place: A reclamation and landscaping project.
Preservation work at Bourke House: Repaired and preserved the remaining stone wall.
Maintenance of 1916 Memorial site.
Quaker Burial Ground: A clean up and maintenance project.
The Black Battery site: Cleaned and landscaped its environs.
Jewish Burial Ground: Fully landscaped and maintained on an ongoing basis.
Preservation of a stone arch doorway at Chapel Lane.
Walls of Limerick at Mungret Gate: Extensive work at the city walls and environs.
The Citadel: Internal survey and initial clearance.
Lock Quay: Remedial work at the Brick Bridge and traditional features. Developed a landscaped amenity on the Quay’s.

The Peoples Park structures: Restored the drinking fountain and one shelter.
St. Munchins Church (C. of I.) Bell Tower: A complete preservation of its pinnacles, stonework and windows.
14. The Curio Wall at the Bishops Palace: Built with salvaged inscribed, decorative and old stone.
Peoples Park Kiosk: Restored and refurbished this well known Limerick Landmark.
Bedford Row Church: Restored a front façade window from the 1821 Methodist Church, designed by James Pain.
St. John’s Parish Drinking Fountain: A complete refurbishment. .
The Abbey Wall: This medieval wall, off Mary Street, was fully preserved, replacing modern infill and inappropriate pointing with approval conservation materials.
The Exchange Wall: Remove the intrusive vegetation off the wall and repaired structural defects.