The objectives of a Civic Trust mandate us to “Create a better understanding of our heritage through new information, advice and education.” All of our research work is based on sourcing new unpublished material and then making our recordings and findings available to the public in different formats. To date we have published:


The Pery Square Tontine Story
The Georgian House & Garden “A historic Limerick House”
Georgian Limerick Vol. I
Remembering Limerick – Detailing information on Limerick’s general and Mayoral history.
Georgian Limerick Vol. II
Made in Limerick. Vol. I – History of Limerick’s industries, trade and commerce.
James Pain Architect – A study on the life and work of this renowned architect.
Made in Limerick Vol II – Essays and articles based on new research.
Limerick Civic Trust – The First 25 Years 1983-2009
Parker Carrol – This was a joint project between Brian O’Connell, Limerick Civic Trust and Oviado University, Spain to research and produce a biography on a forgotten Irish hero.

Surveys and Public Service

General research work for the general public.

Recorded information on headstones in burial grounds.
Erected sixty-six historical plaques in two phases.
King’s Island survey: a development study.
Information given to students and the public.
The Crescent, a survey and proposal for its preservation.
Nicholas Street development plan.
Photography survey of the facades of existing Georgian buildings.
The Folklore Project: 138 interviews recorded to date.
Georgian street furniture survey.
City Centre Environment Survey.
The Exchange Wall:
Arranged for a condition survey and a work methodology plan.
Over 300 items of art, sculpture, monuments, murals, antiquities. etc. located throughout the streets of Limerick were recorded and catalogued.
St. Saviour’s Priory Wall, Bishop Street: Condition survey and conservation methodology report on.

Booklets, Maps and Walking Trails

Limerick City Walking Tours – Brochure advertising 5 different walking tours in Limerick
Limerick Civic Plaques – Commemorating Limerick People who contributed to the history of Limerick City
Limerick Street Antiquities – A record of historical artefacts
Limerick – An Appreciation – A précis of Limerick’s history.
Heritage Precinct Walking Trail – A self-guided tour of the King’s Island area.
A Trail of Three Limerick – Three walking trails based on our plaques project.
The Georgian House & Garden – A visitor’s guide.
The Limerick We Don’t See – A treasure trail of architectural features in the Newtown Pery area.
The Limerick We Don’t See No. 2 – Englishtown Trail.
The Hall of Fame Portraits – Honouring the achievements of 23 Limerick people.
The Limerick We Don’t See No 3 – Irishtown Trail.
Limerick – The Past Revisited – Two riverside walks between Thomond and Shannon Bridges.
Georgian Limerick – An illustrated map of Newtown Pery.
Limerick Civic Trust – A Record of Achievement
A 32 page calendar for January 2008 – January 2010, illustrating 25 selected Trust projects.
Art in the Street Though the Lens – Following a survey a booklet on street art via four walking trails was published.
The Bishops’ Palace – The Georgian House – A short history of these historic properties.
Medieval Limerick – An illustrated map and booklet of Limerick in the 1650’s
Limerick Soccer – Research on the senior team’s history.

Current Research for:

Georgian Limerick Vol. III
Made in Limerick Vol. III
Limerick’s Cultural Heritage
A booklet series on one topic subjects