These are projects undertaken for the benefit of the public. We enhance many architectural artefacts, sites and dormant areas.

The Bishops Garden: Created as a landscape amenity.
George’s Quay Site: installation of viewing decks.
Drinking Fountain in Cathedral Square: repaired and cleaned fountain. Also paved the surrounding area.
New entrance into Custom House Park: removed the derelict building/wall and built the entrance near Sarsfield House.
Derelict Site at Bridge Street: Extensive clean up of the neglected area.
Restoration of historic gas lamps at Barrington Hospital.
Clare Chambers Doorway:
Professional cleaning of the cut-stone doorway.
Broad Street archaeological dig: provided 12 participants to assist on site archaeologists.
Painted and cleaned inscriptions on commemorative stones.
Maintenance at various derelict sites.
Provided an English translation of a 17th century stone inscription in St. John’s Graveyard Wall.

Restored the old gas lamp at Pery Square.
Removed graffiti at various locations.
Removed fly posters at many locations.

Crosbie Row: Created an amenity development.
Church Street: Created an amenity development.
Shannon Rowing Club Quay: General maintenance and creation of a new pathway.
Athlunkard Street/Island Road: Landscaped derelict corner site.
Built a new entrance into the Quaker Burial Ground.
City Walls on Island Road:
Improvement of their environs.
Improvement of a derelict site at Honan’s Quay.
Paint Schemes: i.e. two derelict premises in High Street.
Broad Street/Charlotte Quay Corner: Maintenance project.
Built a new entrance into St. Mary’s Cathedral  Grounds.
Erected the Sylvester O’Halloran Pedestrian Bridge over the Abbey River.
The Spring Rice Memorial: Removal of graffiti.
Site in South Circular Road: Maintenance project.
Cleaned and painted city boundary markers.
The Canal Bridge and pathways:
Erected a new pedestrian bridge.
The O’Connell Monument site: Phase 1: Put in place a water feature and four lamps around the Monument.
Keyes House: Painted and cleaned.
St. Mary’s Cathedral Grounds: Carried out general landscaping.
Work at Villiers Homes Gardens.
Park Lock: the Developed a landscaped public amenity.
The Georgian Townhouse Garden: Reinstated the formal garden as per the 1840 map.
Shannon Rowing Club Frontage: Repaired the fountain and landscaped the frontage.
Doorway to 50 O’Connell Street: Restored to its original splendour.
Sites Project: Maintaining/refurbishing our environmental sites.
The City’s Gas Meter and Tar Pump: Refurbished to their original splendour.
Church Street Wall: Reduced in height and new railing provided
Athlunkard Boat Club: Repaired the vandalised monument and cleaned up its environs.

The City Infirmary foundation stone 1766: Arrangements were made for this stone to be transferred to post-graduate Sylvester O’Halloran Medical Centre at the Regional Hospital.
The Limerick Association Events: Promoted the revival of re-union in Limerick by the arrangement of a three day programme for 95 over sea visitors
The Schools Art Competition: In 1993, 1994 and in 2008
Gulbenkian Civic Trust Ireland Awards
Security Systems for Senior Citizens: the installation of door chain, spy holes and smoke alarms. Phase 1 via Limerick Shannon Rotary Club, Phase 2 via Limerick City Council
Boat Building: Built life-size replicas of traditional Limerick crafts
Built a laundry building for the Focus refuge
The Millennium Register: A collection of business and commercial letterheads were collected and index bound
The Lodis Project: sponsoring member of this E.U. initiative for Limerick
Liszt Concert: organised a commemorative concert of Liszt’s visit to Limerick in 1841
Arthur’s Quay Boards: researched and designed interpretative boards about the Arthur family
Indexed Parish and Public Records.
Digitally archived Parish and Public records
The Hall of Fame Portrait Gallery: Donated by Dr. Tom Ryan RHA. On display at the Bishops’ Palace, Kings Island
The Martin Bourke Series of Profiles: Audio-visual presentation on the lives and music of acclaimed performers
Commemorative Projects for George Alexander Osborne (1806 – 1893)
Repaired the Osborne Family Grave. Provided an information leaflet on G.A. Osborne and his family. Provided a commemorative plaque for the Osborne Grave.
Training Courses: For the Limerick City Street Ambassadors.
Corbrack House: cleaned and decorated this new refuge building for Focus Ireland.
People’s Park Benches: 1. Installed 21 new benches, which are suitable for the disabled and the elderly, in the park. 2. Provided a circular feature bench.
The Pery Gate: Built a new entrance into the Peoples’ Park at Boherbuoy.
Church Street, Kings Island: Provided window boxes and hanging baskets for each house in the street.
The Peoples’ Park: Prepared and sponsored the award entry which won a green flag for the park.
The Hannah Parr Emigrant Ship: Provided a plaque in St. Munchin’s Churchyard (C of I) noting the tragic events in 1868 when three infants died.
Secondary Schools Project: Organised a writer’s competition for the sixteen secondary schools in the city area including giving an illustrated talk to 1300 students.
Kilkee Community Centre: Provided musical entertainment for senior citizens at the centre on a weekly basis.